How We Charge

Fair, Simple and Upfront.

When it comes to costs we want to be fair, simple and upfront - so that you will always know where you stand and won't get any nasty surprises.

 Your first consultation and initial advice are free - so you can make an informed decision whether you want our help before you have to pay anything.


We Offer Capped FeeS

In most cases we will promise you a capped price for the work we do for you so you will have certainty about your costs. 

We will discuss what the cap will be in your first free consultation, or as soon as we have enough information to make an assessment.  And we will tell you how much the cap will be in writing before you decide if you want our help.


Legal Aid Matters Welcome

We can apply for legal aid on your behalf and if  approved we might be able to help with no cost to you. 


Call us in Melbourne  8658 5939Warrnambool  5562 0318 or email us now to arrange a free case assessment by an expert criminal lawyer.